The freshest BBQ around

up in smoke

As with any layered history, the stories and experiences only add to the richness that is put into what it is that we do. We, being the team here at Up in Smoke, doing what it is that we hope you can appreciate, providing an experience through food, sauce, and a little personality.

We work hard to ensure that we serve meat of the highest quality prepared with nothing short of decades of experience.

Our sauce and rubs have been tweaked to what is as close to what our humble minds could conceive of approximate perfection. This, of course, would fall under the category of mere conjecture, though they have won awards...just sayin'. Our recipes and practices within barbecuing and sauce making are very much rooted in tradition, however, we also have a curiously cultured palette and imagination that invites new flavors and ideas.

We invite you, to come along with us whenever you'd like to drop in as we walk along a path, experiencing life through food, a little laughter, and the ideations of great and not-so-great tastes along the way.